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Chinese Disinformation Fuels the War in Ukraine

Chinese disinformation spiked after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. China uses similar tactics as during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the scale and intensity are greater. Chinese disinformation conceals Russia’s responsibility for the war and promotes R [...]

2022-04-12T10:21:06-04:00April 8, 2022|By |

How to Win the Disinformation War in Ukraine?

The disinformation war in Ukraine has now moved well past the initial stage and continues apace. Yet, Ukraine seems to be beating Russia at its own game on the information battlefield as officials in Kyiv are treating it as a real front line. So far [...]

2022-03-14T16:11:21-04:00March 9, 2022|By |

Enablers of Malign Finance

Panelists: Will Fitzgibbon, Senior Reporter, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Sydney Freedberg, Chief Reporter, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Neil Jeans, Principal Consultant, Initialism Lakshmi Kumar, Po [...]

2022-01-11T12:49:11-05:00December 7, 2021|By |

Responses to Foreign Information Operations

Panelists: Anneli Ahonen, Senior Fellow, ISD Global, and Former Head of East Stratcom Task Force, EEAS & EU vs Disinfo Renée DiResta, Research Manager, Stanford Internet Observatory Lee Foster, Senior Vice President, Althea Group and Former Dire [...]

2022-01-11T12:46:30-05:00December 7, 2021|By |

Helsinki Commission Briefing: Enabling Kleptocracy

Modern dictatorship relies on access to the West. Lawyers, lobbyists, accountants, real estate professionals, consultants, and others help kleptocrats launder their money and reputations—and exert undue influence in democracies—in exchange for dirty [...]

2021-09-30T12:33:51-04:00September 29, 2021|By |

Making Cyberspace Safe for Democracy

Cybersecurity Fellow Maurice Turner led a conversation on making cyberspace safe for democracy at the German Marshall Fund's Brussels Forum. He was joined Mieke Eoyang, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for cyber policy at the U.S. Departmen [...]

2021-06-21T11:56:52-04:00June 18, 2021|By |

Defending Democracies Against Autocratic Advances

Head of Policy and Research Jessica Brandt led a conversation on democratic competition with autocracies at GMF's Brussels Forum. She was joined by U.S. Senator Ben Cardin; National Institute for Civil Discourse Executive Director Carolyn J. Lukensm [...]

2021-06-17T12:27:45-04:00June 15, 2021|By |

Investing in Resilience

Program Manager and Fellow Nad’a Kovalčíková led a discussion on how and why NATO member states can build up their democratic, societal, and economic resilience at NATO 2030 at Brussels Forum with U.S. Representative Gerald Connolly; Tania Latici, a [...]

2021-06-17T12:12:08-04:00June 14, 2021|By |
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