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The World According to CGTN Africa

Introduction In January 2012, the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)’s state-owned broadcaster CCTV opened an African branch headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Shortly thereafter, CCTV Africa—later rebranded as CGTN Africa—began publis [...]

2024-01-23T13:33:25-05:00January 23, 2024|By |

What to Watch in Turkey’s Run-Off Election

What happened in the first round?  In Turkey’s first round election held on May 14, tens of millions of voters turned out for both sides. There was intense competition on a playing field that the incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan skewed heavi [...]

2023-05-25T14:30:42-04:00May 25, 2023|By |

The Tweet Is Coming from Inside the House

In Erdoğan’s Turkey, anti-government trolls get arrested, while pro-government trolls get paychecks.  Social media has become a major source of information for Turkish people, thanks in large part to the Turkish government’s strict control of tradit [...]

2023-05-11T16:27:20-04:00May 11, 2023|By |

RT en Español Won’t Stay Off YouTube

Overview YouTube was essential to RT’s early success, helping the Russian propaganda network expand its audience across the globe. YouTube’s decision to ban Russian state media channels after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine thus marked a sig [...]

2023-05-05T15:11:56-04:00March 8, 2023|By |
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