The Hamilton 2.0 dashboard, a project of the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, provides a summary analysis of the narratives and topics promoted by Russian, Chinese, and Iranian government officials and state-funded media on Twitter, YouTube, state-sponsored news websites, and via official diplomatic statements at the United Nations. (NOTE — there currently are no UN statements or YouTube data for Iran). The dashboard also includes a small collection of global media Twitter accounts for comparative purposes. Hamilton Search is a new Tweet search engine and data discovery tool meant to supplement Hamilton 2.0’s native search capabilities.

The aim of the dashboard and search tool is to increase our understanding of the focus and spread of state-backed government messaging across various information mediums. The data provided here is intended to be a starting point for in-depth analysis; in short, this dashboard provides the questions, not the answers. Hamilton 2.0 will continue to evolve and expand its features. It is our hope that this project will empower researchers studying nation-state information campaigns and the broader information ecosystem. Click here to read FAQs and the methodology behind the dashboard.

How to Interpret Hamilton 2.0

Hamilton 2.0 displays outputs from sources that we can directly attribute to the Russian, Chinese, or Iranian governments or their various news and information channels. These channels and accounts often engage with topics, hashtags, URLs, and people that are in no way affiliated with the Russian, Chinese, or Iranian governments. It would therefore be INCORRECT to, without further analysis, label anyone or anything that appears on the dashboard as being connected to state-backed propaganda.

Note – The dashboard uses natural language processing and other machine learning and auto-translation tools to extract key information from the data. Although highly accurate, automated systems are imperfect. We urge all those reporting on the dashboard to confirm findings with ASD.

Click on the relevant tabs below to see data from Twitter, YouTube, state-sponsored news websites, and officials statements made by the Russian and Chinese Permanent Missions to the United Nations. 


FAQ & Methodology