Experts in opinion polling and politics join this discussion around the 2024 presidential race in the United States. Presidential politics could impact the trajectory of the “New Atlanticism” and US support for Ukraine as isolationist or “America First” views and policies increasingly find favor among voters on the far right and left. At the same time, the United States is weathering serious challenges to its democracy from without and within, from persistent false narratives that undermine faith in the electoral system to increased polarization and political violence. The 2024 elections could be the tipping point that marks either a phasing out or an acceleration of current trends in the United States that will have implications for US allies, Ukraine, and the future of US democracy.


  • Frank Luntz, Strategist and Pollster
  • Ines Pohl, Washington, DC Bureau Chief, Deutsche Welle
  • Ali Velshi, Host of “Velshi” and Chief Correspondent, MSNBC
  • Moderator: Rachael Dean Wilson, Managing Director, Alliance for Securing Democracy and U.S. Elections & Political Analysis, The German Marshall Fund of the United States