China is implementing a multifaceted pressure campaign against Taiwan aimed at undermining the confidence of the people of Taiwan in their democratically elected government and weakening their will to resist integration with China. Beijing’s toolkit includes military and economic coercion, cyber operations, and disinformation campaigns. China has also blocked Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, including the World Health Organization. Is China likely to use force against Taiwan in the near term? What lessons is Taiwan drawing from the war in Ukraine? Are Taiwan and the United States planning to take steps to strengthen deterrence from a possible Chinese invasion? As in Ukraine, are like-minded countries willing to bolster Taiwan’s security, strengthen its resilience, and protect its freedoms?


  • The Hon. Chris Murphy, Member, U.S. Senate
  • The Hon. Joseph Wu, Foreign Minister, Taiwan (Virtual)
  • Ms. Laura Thornton, Director, Alliance for Security Democracy, The German Marshall Fund of the United States
  • Moderator: Ms. Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, China Reporter, Axios