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ASD contributes long and short form research products and analysis to inform and engage our audience on a range of issues related to malign foreign interference. In addition, we develop policy recommendations and strategies to close vulnerabilities and safeguard institutions from authoritarian threats.

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |October 21, 2019|Newsletter|

Announcements The Alliance for Securing Democracy is hiring: We are looking for a Research Assistant to join our Washington, DC-based team. Click here for more information and to apply. Our Take Structural approaches that facilitate a whole-of-so [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |October 14, 2019|Newsletter|

Announcement The Alliance for Securing Democracy is hiring: We are looking for a Research Assistant to help us in our work researching and tracking developments in foreign state actors’ efforts to undermine democratic institutions. Knowledge of the [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |October 7, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take A new bill to outlaw anonymous shell companies has broad bipartisan support and is a rare example of Congress working exactly as it is supposed to, argues Fellow for Malign Finance Josh Rudolph in The American Interest. Austria’s recent el [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |September 30, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take The Kremlin’s prolonged efforts to airbrush Russian history have recently become a messaging priority for the country’s diplomatic and government messengers abroad, as evidenced by a recent Twitter campaign targeting #WWII historical narra [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |September 23, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take The widely varying disclosure standards set by social media companies in some ways serve to confuse the general public, warned Director Laura Rosenberger in an interview with OpenSecrets. One of the goals of the Chinese Community Party’s d [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |September 16, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take Chinese information operations are a significant, growing threat to Western democracies, as well as social media platforms that remain vulnerable to manipulation by foreign actors seeking to interfere in democratic debate, argued Co-Direct [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |September 9, 2019|Newsletter|

Announcements The Alliance for Securing Democracy launched Hamilton 2.0, a new dashboard tracking Russian government-backed information operations online and on state-sponsored broadcast television. The interactive, publicly accessible dashboard ca [...]

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