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Authoritarian regimes are competing to create and control emerging technology to gain the upper hand in the global power competition, while democracies have the potential to harness emerging technology to strengthen democratic institutions and freedoms. From 5G to social media, find ASD’s work on emerging technology on this page.

5G Security: The New Energy Security

Introduction Europe is on the cusp of a crucial technological and political transformation. This year, most EU member states will need to finalize plans for building 5G networks, which will overhaul the way their economies function. Only a handful [...]

By |November 12, 2020|

Introductory Video: A Future Internet for Democracies

A Future Internet for Democracies: Contesting China’s Push for Dominance in 5G, 6G, and the Internet of Everything Lindsay Gorman, Fellow for Emerging Technologies at the Alliance for Securing Democracy, discusses China's lead in shaping the future [...]

By |October 27, 2020|
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