Election Security

Election Security2021-06-02T13:28:36-04:00

Elections are a hallmark of democracy, making them prime targets for foreign interference. Find ASD’s work on the foreign threats to election infrastructure and electoral processes, as well as steps democracies can take to secure them, on this page.

What to Watch: ASD at GMF Experts Weigh in on US 2022 Midterms

Tomorrow’s midterm elections will be a benchmark for the state of American democracy. As early voting surges, people around the country (and the world) are watching to see what happens in what is perhaps the most important midterm election in recent [...]

Monitoring the Midterms: Michigan

Less than two weeks from Election Day, we continue to see false claims of widespread election fraud drive distrust of the electoral process and create real security challenges for election administrators. In Maricopa County, Arizona last Friday, two [...]

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