Jamie Fly

Jamie Fly is a senior fellow and director of the Future of Geopolitics and Asia programs at The German Marshall Fund of the United States. He served as counselor for Foreign and National Security Affairs to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) from 2013–17, serving as his foreign policy advisor during his presidential campaign. Prior to joining Senator Rubio’s staff in February 2013, he served as the executive director of the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) from its founding in early 2009. Prior to joining FPI, Fly served in the Bush administration at the National Security Council (2008–09) and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (2005–08). He was director for Counterproliferation Strategy at the National Security Council, where his portfolio included the Iranian nuclear program, Syria, missile defense, chemical weapons, proliferation finance, and other counterproliferation issues. In the Office of the Secretary of Defense, he was an assistant for Transnational Threats Policy, where he helped to develop U.S. strategy related to the proliferation of missiles as well as nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. For his work in the Department of Defense, he was awarded the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service. Fly received a B.A. in international studies and political science from American University and an M.A. in German and European studies from Georgetown University.

Populism: Is the Tide Over Yet?

Jamie Fly moderated a GLOBSEC panel “Populism: Is the Tide Over Yet?”: “The impact is not just on our own democratic politics and a question about whether we’re providing solutions to the voters and responding to their demands, it’s also impacting o [...]

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What Works: Countering Gray Zone Tactics

ASD’s co-director Jamie Fly joined a panel at CSIS, “What Works: Countering Gray Zone Tactics,” where he discussed unconventional tools used by state and non-state adversaries to influence and coerce Western democracies: “It’s important to recognize [...]

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