About Joseph Bodnar

Joseph Bodnar is a research analyst with the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund. He is part of ASD’s information manipulation team and focuses on Russian propaganda and disinformation. His research has been cited by outlets including The Economist, Foreign Policy, and Bloomberg. His writing has been published in the National Interest, Inkstick, and the Dallas Morning News, among other outlets. Prior to joining ASD, Joseph worked with the Atlantic Council’s Global Strategy Initiative. He received a master's degree in international affairs from American University. His capstone project involved working with the State Department’s Global Engagement Center to identify trends in foreign disinformation targeting the 2020 U.S. election. Joseph has BA in history with a minor in political science from Kennesaw State University.

RT en Español Won’t Stay Off YouTube

Overview YouTube was essential to RT’s early success, helping the Russian propaganda network expand its audience across the globe. YouTube’s decision to ban Russian state media channels after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine thus marked a sig [...]

2023-05-05T15:11:56-04:00March 8, 2023|By |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take In the short term, the war should be seen as a Ukrainian victory and a Russian blunder, but Kyiv will need continued Western support to defend itself, Managing Director David Salvo said on Background Briefing. Despite China’s assertions th [...]

2023-02-24T08:47:15-05:00February 23, 2023|By , and |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take Proposals to update voters on the status of their mail ballots would help boost voter confidence and increase trust in electoral processes, Elections Integrity Fellow David Levine explained in a Tweet thread. The decision by Japan and the [...]

2023-02-02T17:08:14-05:00February 2, 2023|By and |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take China’s proposal that the UN should criminalize the “dissemination of false information” is another example of how Beijing is trying to shape global regulations on digital expression to reflect its own authoritarian model, China Affairs An [...]

2023-01-27T09:19:34-05:00January 26, 2023|By and |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take China is actively looking to attract engineers and technologists from around the world with incentives, such as unrivaled salaries and subsidized housing, to build a self-sufficient semiconductor industry, Senior Fellow for Emerging Techno [...]

2023-01-26T16:00:28-05:00January 19, 2023|By and |

Our Experts’ 2023 Policy Wish List to Strengthen Democracy

At the start of the new year, we asked our experts to each put forth one recommendation that would strengthen democracy during a period of declining trust, emboldened autocrats, and war. Their answers touch on a variety of issues—from the war in Ukr [...]

What to Watch: ASD at GMF Experts Weigh in on US 2022 Midterms

Tomorrow’s midterm elections will be a benchmark for the state of American democracy. As early voting surges, people around the country (and the world) are watching to see what happens in what is perhaps the most important midterm election in recent [...]

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