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Krystyna (Krysia) Sikora is a research assistant for the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund, where she focuses on election integrity. Krysia received an MA in Eurasian, Russian, and East European studies from Georgetown University. Her studies centered on right-wing populism, disinformation, and democratic decline in Central and Eastern Europe. Her capstone project analyzed how Poland’s ruling party manipulated information to increase political power. Krysia played professional soccer in Poland for two years and has a BA in political science from Duke University.

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements We’re hiring for three positions! Applications are open for a Senior Officer for AI and Democracy for ASD’s Tech and Geopolitics team, a communications coordinator, and a research trainee for Spring 2024! Apply here. Our Takes In th [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements The Securing Democracy Dispatch will take a break next week to celebrate Thanksgiving! We will resume the following week. We’re hiring! Applications are open for ASD at GMF’s Washington, DC-based research traineeship for Spring 2024! [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements Join GMF and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies on Wednesday, November 15 for a discussion on the transatlantic alliance amid political uncertainty in the United States and Russian aggression, featuring ASD Co-Managing Di [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements ASD’s Hamilton 2.0 dashboard has been updated! The interactive tool now includes data from Russian, Chinese, and Iranian state media and information channels on Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Explore the dashboard here. [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Takes Warsaw’s probable new government will face challenges reinforcing Polish democracy. But its recent electoral victory may pave a path for Poland’s return to liberal democratic norms and realignment with EU standards, Head of Europe Vassili [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Takes Russia, China, and other authoritarian regimes weaponize democracies’ free information ecosystems to undermine support for democracy. The United States should leverage its advantages to fight back in the information space through public d [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Takes Ukrainian victory will not be limited to the battlefield. It will also be determined by how the country rebuilds with help from both government officials and civil society alike. Senior Fellow for Malign Finance Josh Rudolph and partners [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Takes Established democracies have clung to outdated practices as backsliding and cultural changes have accelerated. Some democracies, however, have adopted innovative reforms that should serve as a model for their counterparts, GMF’s Senior Vi [...]

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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements ICYMI: ASD launched the War in Ukraine: Military Bloggers dashboard, an interactive, open-source tool for analyzing the reach and messaging of prominent Russian military bloggers on Telegram! Read our key takeaways from the dashboard [...]

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Autocrats Within

Executive Summary The greatest threats facing the two most consequential elections in and around Europe in 2023—Turkey in May and Poland in the fall—come from autocratic corruption within these two backsliding democracies. Both these countries are [...]

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