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About Bradley Hanlon

Bradley Hanlon was a program manager and analyst with the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) at the German Marshall Fund. He specializes in authoritarian information operations and studies how democracies can build resilience to foreign interference—particularly in the information space. Brad recently helped lead and write two major ASD reports that outline a comprehensive strategy for the United States and its democratic allies to counter authoritarians in the information age and provide a framework for securing future U.S. elections based on the lessons learned from the 2020 election. Brad’s work has been published in outlets including The Hill and Lawfare, and he has provided expert commentary in both radio and podcast appearances. His work has been cited in numerous publications, including CNN, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.

Previously, Brad served as a Brimley Congressional Fellow in the Office of Representative Elissa Slotkin, where he supported the Congresswoman’s work on the House Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees. Before that, he served as ASD’s first research assistant, during which time he conducted investigations exposing Russian and Iranian information operations. Prior to joining ASD, Brad consulted for the Institute for the Study of War on Russian activity in the Middle East and North Africa, particularly focusing on Russian private military contractors fighting in Syria. Earlier, he worked as a civilian research assistant at the U.S. National War College.

Brad graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016 with a BA in history and international and area studies and a minor in Russian and East European studies. Brad studied Russian at the University of Pittsburgh and at the International University in Moscow and earned his MA in security policy studies from the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

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