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ASD contributes long and short form research products and analysis to inform and engage our audience on a range of issues related to malign foreign interference. In addition, we develop policy recommendations and strategies to close vulnerabilities and safeguard institutions from authoritarian threats.

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |December 10, 2018|Newsletter|

Our Take ASD's Authoritarian Interference Tracker is now live! The Tracker catalogs over 400 incidents of Russian government interference in 42 countries since 2000. You can explore the tracker here. You can also watch ASD’s event that launched the [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |December 3, 2018|Newsletter|

Our Take On Tuesday, December 4, ASD will launch the Authoritarian Interference Tracker, a new interactive tool that analyzes the Russian government’s interference operations in 42 countries across the transatlantic space over the past two decades. [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |November 26, 2018|Newsletter|

Our Take The Alliance for Securing Democracy’s Bradley Hanlon and Samuel Riddell published “Disinformation at the Dinner Table,” a guide for discussing influence operations with skeptical family members over the holidays. News and Commentary New [...]

Disinformation at the Dinner Table

By |November 21, 2018|Blog|

In between bites of stuffing and potatoes this Thanksgiving, it is likely that “fake news” or “election meddling” may be mentioned at the table. Here is all you need to know so that you can hold your own in a discussion on influence operations with [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |November 20, 2018|Newsletter|

Our Take Bret Schafer, Social Media Analyst for ASD, published a report summarizing the findings from the first year of data from ASD's Hamilton 68 Dashboard. Schafer examines Russia-linked information operations on Twitter from an operational and [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |November 13, 2018|Newsletter, Uncategorized|

Our Take ASD Director Laura Rosenberger joined the Democracy Works podcast to talk about foreign interference, and highlighted potential future threats related to artificial intelligence and “deep fake” videos. Social Media Analyst Bret Schafer pub [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |November 5, 2018|Newsletter|

Our Take Laura Rosenberger joined Voice of America to discuss strategies to counter foreign interference in U.S. elections. Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly stressed the importance of securing our elections and countering authoritarian interference [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |October 29, 2018|Newsletter|

Our Take Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly joined Sirius XM to talk about how to secure democracies from election hacking and foreign interference. Laura Rosenberger contributed to a European Commission collection of “ThinkPieces” on Election Interfe [...]

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