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About Technology & Geopolitics

Authoritarian regimes are competing to create and control emerging technologies to gain the upper hand in the global power competition, while democracies have the potential to harness these technologies to strengthen democratic institutions and freedoms. The work of ASD’s Technology & Geopolitics team analyzes how these technological developments feature into strategic competition between states; collaboration between like-minded democratic allies; and the implications of Artificial Intelligence on global democracy at large.

Our Research Areas

Strategic Competition

Emerging technologies—ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, materials science, and biotechnology—are increasingly crucial instruments for large and small powers alike to compete for political and economic dividends on the global stage. ASD’s Technology & Geopolitics team analyzes how states use (and misuse) these technologies in their statecraft and how democracies can mobilize new technological tools to counter authoritarian gains.

Allied Coordination

Transatlantic cooperation and collaboration between democratic allies are critical strategies to the responsible development and regulation of emerging technologies. The Technology & Geopolitics team’s research focuses on where opportunities for partnership exist and what mutual action should look like to combat authoritarian influence—including information-sharing, coordinated research and development, and new international regulatory standards.

Artificial Intelligence and Democracy

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given authoritarian actors the necessary tools to sow disinformation, achieve strategic political and economic goals, and undermine democratic principles at home and abroad. The work of the Technology & Geopolitics team exposes both authoritarian misuses of AI technologies—from deepfakes to open-source models—as well as the potential to harness AI in pursuit of democratic goals.

Technology and Geopolitics Team

Lindsay Gorman
Lindsay GormanSenior Fellow
Dylan Welch
Dylan WelchChina Technology Analyst
Caitlin Goldenberg
Caitlin GoldenbergProgram Coordinator
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