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ASD contributes long and short form research products and analysis to inform and engage our audience on a range of issues related to malign foreign interference. In addition, we develop policy recommendations and strategies to close vulnerabilities and safeguard institutions from authoritarian threats.

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |March 18, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take In a new paper, ASD Director Laura Rosenberger and Research Assistant Tom Morley show how the Russian government and its proxies nurture and shape illiberal populist movements as a means of destabilizing the West. Earlier this month, Rosen [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |March 11, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take ASD Co-directors Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly spoke about how Russia, China, and others use the authoritarian toolkit to interfere in democracies with Will Inboden, executive director of the Clements Center for National Security at the [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |March 4, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take ASD Director Laura Rosenberger and Co-Director Jamie Fly spoke at the George W. Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Austin’s Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs last week. They also gave an [...]

Authoritarians’ Latest Foothold in Brussels

By |February 28, 2019|Blog|

Brussels is an attractive target for authoritarian actors seeking to subvert European and transatlantic politics. Host to the headquarters of the EU, NATO, and Eurocontrol, the agency responsible for air-traffic control system for all 41 of its Euro [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |February 25, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take ASD Co-Directors Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly published an op-ed in The Dallas Morning News arguing that “political divisions, which Russia's efforts exploit, are hindering our ability to respond forcefully to this threat [of foreign in [...]

Securing Democracy Dispatch

By |February 19, 2019|Newsletter|

Our Take ASD’s Brad Hanlon and Tom Morley examined the hidden relationship between trendy, English-language social media programs on allegedly independent media networks and Russian state-sponsored media company RT, in a story picked up by CNN. The [...]

Russia’s Network of Millennial Media

By |February 15, 2019|Blog|

“PICK A DAMN COUNTRY, AMERICA!” The video is short, digestible, and catchy. A young Twitter personality dives into the latest news from Venezuela while trendy music plays in the background. According to the video, President Donald Trump and his “rig [...]

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