Information Manipulation

Information Manipulation2023-05-15T14:06:01-04:00

Authoritarian regimes and their proxies use social media, other online information platforms, and traditional media to attempt to shape global and domestic narratives; to sow chaos and confusion in democracies; and to undermine democratic processes. Find ASD’s work on the many ways malign actors manipulate information to interfere in democracies, including by spreading disinformation, on this page.

ASD at GMF Launches Information Integrity Map

At this week’s Summit for Democracy, governments are expected to address how important countering disinformation and securing access to independent media are to democracy’s survival. Efforts to build and strengthen information resilience are taking [...]

March 29, 2023|By |

RT en Español Won’t Stay Off YouTube

Overview YouTube was essential to RT’s early success, helping the Russian propaganda network expand its audience across the globe. YouTube’s decision to ban Russian state media channels after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine thus marked a sig [...]

March 8, 2023|By |
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