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Building a Trojan Horse

The Kremlin’s efforts to influence the 2016 election in the United States are well known – even now, a special prosecutor is investigating Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign. Less well reported are Russia’s social media campaigns in Germany ahead o [...]

By |October 9, 2017|

Congress Can Help Prevent Election Hacking

Protecting our voting systems should be an easy bipartisan win. American voters received yet another rude awakening last month. Chicago’s Board of Elections reported that names, addresses, birth dates and other sensitive information about the city’ [...]

By |September 6, 2017|

Russian Hackers Can’t Beat German Democracy

Less than two months remain before Germans go to the polls in a general election. On the surface, this has been as regular an election season as can be: Parties have assembled their programs and teams, candidates have been out campaigning, and polit [...]

By |August 8, 2017|

Russians, Guns, and Mosul

Derek Chollet speaks to Pod Save the World about Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia controversy before transitioning to a conversation about the fight against ISIS in Mosul, Syria and the Trump administration’s policy in Afghanistan. [...]

By |July 12, 2017|

Don’t Bet on Enduring Republican Reset With Russia

Donald Trump won’t be the first American president to “reset” relations with Russia following an assault on Western interests and values. In March 2009 President Barack Obama launched his own version of a reset – only seven months after Russia’s bra [...]

By |January 10, 2017|
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