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Louis Savoia is a program coordinator for the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) at the German Marshall Fund, where he serves as the lead author of ASD's weekly newsletter, the Securing Democracy Dispatch, and supervises ASD's Washington-based trainees. A graduate of American University’s School of International Service, Louis received a bachelor’s in international relations with focuses on the European Union and NATO, US foreign policy, and democratic governance. As part of his coursework, Louis spent a semester studying European affairs in Brussels, Belgium. His capstone project investigated patterns of hostage-taking by US adversaries, which he and his research group presented to the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs. 

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Takes Ukrainian victory will not be limited to the battlefield. It will also be determined by how the country rebuilds with help from both government officials and civil society alike. Senior Fellow for Malign Finance Josh Rudolph and partners [...]

2023-09-29T09:46:08-04:00September 28, 2023|By and |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Takes Established democracies have clung to outdated practices as backsliding and cultural changes have accelerated. Some democracies, however, have adopted innovative reforms that should serve as a model for their counterparts, GMF’s Senior Vi [...]

2023-09-22T11:33:30-04:00September 21, 2023|By and |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Takes All technology platforms see data as an asset. But Chinese platforms snoop on users more brazenly, and that data could fuel China’s campaign for global technology leadership, Senior Fellow for Emerging Technologies Lindsay Gorman told DW [...]

2023-09-07T16:37:41-04:00September 7, 2023|By and |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements ICYMI: ASD launched the War in Ukraine: Military Bloggers dashboard, an interactive, open-source tool for analyzing the reach and messaging of prominent Russian military bloggers on Telegram! Read our key takeaways from the dashboard [...]

2023-08-17T16:39:51-04:00August 17, 2023|By and |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take In the short term, the war should be seen as a Ukrainian victory and a Russian blunder, but Kyiv will need continued Western support to defend itself, Managing Director David Salvo said on Background Briefing. Despite China’s assertions th [...]

2023-02-24T08:47:15-05:00February 23, 2023|By , and |
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