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Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements In the most comprehensive global study to date of how covert foreign money is used to interfere in democracies, Malign Finance Fellow Josh Rudolph and Research Assistant Thomas Morley track over 100 cases of malign financial interfere [...]

2020-08-19T10:51:31-04:00August 19, 2020|By |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take In a joint report with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Media and Digital Disinformation Fellow Bret Schafer finds numerous similarities in the behavior, narratives, and specific messages promoted by a network of hundreds of thousands [...]

2020-08-12T11:59:32-04:00August 12, 2020|By |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take The United States is capable of conducting safe, secure, and auditable elections in November, especially if states receive additional funding from Congress, Elections Integrity Fellow David Levine explained in his testimony to the House Ho [...]

2020-08-05T13:26:28-04:00August 4, 2020|By |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take As countries rush to change their electoral systems to account for the coronavirus pandemic, challenges to Poland’s recent elections provide some lessons for others, Elections Integrity Fellow David Levine, Fellow and Program Manager Nad’a [...]

2020-07-28T13:03:49-04:00July 28, 2020|By |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take To counter authoritarian information manipulation and control, the United States needs to support free expression and harness innovation through organizations like the Open Technology Fund, Emerging Technologies Fellow Lindsay Gorman and K [...]

2020-07-21T15:49:12-04:00July 21, 2020|By |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Our Take Beijing’s coronavirus-related assistance to Europe was less about altruism than about deflecting criticism away from the Chinese authorities' handling of the pandemic, promoting China's image as a global leader, and fostering business and [...]

2020-07-15T09:49:50-04:00July 14, 2020|By |

Securing Democracy Dispatch

Announcements Join the German Marshall Fund on Thursday, July 9, for a panel discussion featuring Congresswoman Debra Haaland on possible strategies, policies, and challenges to eliminating all forms of discrimination and prejudice to ensure equali [...]

2020-07-08T11:40:54-04:00July 8, 2020|By |
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