2021 German Elections Project

2021 German Elections Project2021-09-02T11:04:45-04:00

Our work on the 2021 German elections.

The German Elections Project is the hub for identifying and analyzing information manipulation targeting Germany’s elections, providing open source digital tools and assessments of Germany’s information ecosystem, and building awareness of foreign efforts to interfere in the elections, as well as domestic challenges to democratic processes.

Top 5 German Election Dashboard Takeaways

Germany’s upcoming federal election in September is not only important for the German people but can be an alluring target for foreign and domestic actors seeking to influence the future trajectory of the country or seeking to undermine democratic p [...]

July 22, 2021|By |

Introducing the German Election Dashboard

On May 11, ASD Media and Digital Disinformation Fellow Bret Schafer presented the new German Election Dashboard at a GMF Berlin event. The Dashboard is an interactive, open-source tool that allows users to track messaging from influential foreign an [...]

May 11, 2021|By |
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