2020 U.S. Elections

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Our work on the 2020 U.S. elections.

Hamilton Toplines: November 7-13, 2020

Last week’s U.S. election coverage from Russian state media continued to feature familiar themes, including claims of fraud, criticism of mainstream media coverage of the election, and condemnation of social media platforms for election-related issu [...]

By |November 17, 2020|

Hamilton Toplines: October 31-November 6, 2020

Last week, Russian state media devoted substantial coverage to the U.S. elections. During election week (prior to the presidential race being called for Biden), the outlets continued to showcase various themes characteristic of their coverage of the [...]

By |November 10, 2020|

Securing Democracy Dispatch: Election Day Special Edition

Our Takes on the U.S. Election Americans can do seven things to save our democracy during election week, Director Laura Rosenberger writes in The New York Times. There are three important takeaways from Russia and Iran’s recent attempts to interfer [...]

By |November 3, 2020|

Hamilton Toplines: October 24-30, 2020

In the last full week of coverage prior to Election Day, Russian state media continued to advance several familiar themes, including promotion of Hunter Biden allegations, claims of media bias, criticism of the two-party system, and claims of improp [...]

By |November 3, 2020|
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