In a year full of uncertainties, one thing seems certain: America’s adversaries will continue their attempts to interfere in the upcoming election. The intelligence community has warned of interference efforts by Russia, China, and Iran. Meanwhile, domestic players continue to undermine public confidence in the security and integrity of the election, playing into authoritarians’ hands. And states have rightfully raced to make changes to voting procedures in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but the adjustments could create confusion for foreign actors to exploit. It’s important to understand what foreign governments are doing to interfere in our election, but it’s even more important to understand why. It’s not about Trump or Biden winning the day. Foreign actors want to damage our system of government and discredit our democratic ideals and rights. Laura Rosenberger and Zack Cooper from the bipartisan Alliance for Securing Democracy joined the Clinton Library to discuss why authoritarian actors are seeking to undermine our democracy as well as the tools and tactics they use.

  • Laura Rosenberger, ASD Director
  • Zack Cooper, ASD Co-Director
  • Nikolai DiPippa, Director of Public Programs and Strategic Partnerships, Clinton School of Public Service