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  • + is an AND. ‘Ukraine + Putin’ will produce only results with both ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Putin’ in them
  • – is a NOT. ‘Ukraine -Putin’ will show results with ‘Ukraine’  that do not also have ‘Putin’ in them.
  • OR is the default function. ‘Ukraine Putin’ (do not include quotes) will show results with either ‘Ukraine’ or ‘Putin’ or both in them.
  • ~ (and a space after) after a term allows for a fuzzy search.  “blue~” will show results with “blue”, “blues”, and “glue”.
  • ~ with a number after a term allows for a proximity search. “Ukraine Putin”~5 will return results where ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Putin’ occur  with 5 or fewer words between them
  • Field values can be specified inline—searching “Putin platform_handle:@cgtnamerica platform:Twitter” (no quotes) will return tweets (from Twitter/X) from @CGTNAmerica mentioning Putin. This is most useful for filtering to certain accounts. Allowed fields are post_type, account_country, platform_handle, account_type, account_name, post_date, platform, likes, shares, views, (note that ranges and >/< are not supported) 

Known Issues

  • Does not support text booleans (AND, OR, NOT). Please use the symbols above instead (+, -) 
  • Searching emojis, punctuation and other symbols are not supported 

Hamilton’s sidebar search and Social Data Search may yield different results for the same search terms due to how search terms and key phrases are processed by the search algorithm and different data update schedules. Generally, these differences should be minor. External links may not work when either a post or an account has been removed and websites do not have a valid profile url. Posts have been translated from their original language to English; the original text may be viewed by clicking the relevant post to show additional information.

On July 13, 2023, X/Twitter removed access to its API for the Alliance for Securing Democracy’s Hamilton 2.0 dashboard, so no new Twitter data is being ingested. However, Social Data Search includes an archive of previously collected X/Twitter posts.

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