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Our Take

Chinese state media and diplomats are doubling down on Russian messaging and disinformation on Ukraine, despite the damage this is causing to China’s reputation abroad, Co-Director Zack Cooper, Senior Fellow Bret Schafer, and Research Analyst Etienne Soula find in their analysis of data from our War in Ukraine Dashboard.

Russia’s war in Ukraine is about democracy. Putin is afraid that democracy at his doorstep poses an existential threat to his rule at home, Director Laura Thornton testified before the European Parliament. 

Nonpartisan election observation is critical to helping ensure the integrity of future U.S. elections, beginning with the 2022 midterms, ASD’s David Levine and the Carter Center’s Avery Davis-Roberts write in a new report. The report was covered in The Fulcrum.

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Hamilton 2.0 Analysis

Russian diplomats and state media focused on three main narratives around Ukraine last week:

  • Bioweapons: Russian diplomats and state media tweeted the word “biological” 600 times as they advanced their conspiracy about U.S.-funded bioweapon labs in Ukraine that were creating pathogens capable of targeting certain ethnic groups and being delivered via bird.
  • Sanctions: Kremlin-backed accounts insisted that the West would be hurt by the sanctions imposed on Russia, with Moscow-linked accounts warning of “rolling blackouts” in American cities and double digit inflation in Germany.  
  • Fake news: Russian diplomatic accounts tweeted the word “fake” 200 times, and FakeNews was the seventh most used hashtag by Russian officials, as they tried to discredit accurate reporting about Ukraine.

Chinese diplomats and state media’s messaging followed three trends last week:

  • Bioweapons: Chinese propagandists converged around the supposed presence of 26 U.S. bio-labs in Ukraine, tying them to a broader network of 336 U.S. labs around the globe and in particular to Fort Detrick, which Chinese conspiracy theorists claim is the source of COVID-19.
  • Russian quotes: Chinese diplomats and state media consistently quoted Russian officials and state media, especially when tweeting about Ukraine.
  • Russian talking points: Beijing-linked accounts defended Russia against war crime accusations, focusing instead on NATO expansionism as a reason for war and on Western media’s supposed indifference to non-white war victims.

Read the full report here.

News and Commentary

Sullivan and Yang meet amid rising tensions over Ukraine: On March 14, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan raised concerns with senior Chinese foreign policy advisor Yang Jiechi over China’s alignment with Russia, and warned of the economic consequences if Beijing provides military and economic assistance to Russia’s war effort in Ukraine. Co-Director Zack Cooper said, “Whether China is willing to actively support Russia’s war in Ukraine is increasingly seen as a litmus test for Beijing’s relationship not only with Moscow, but with Washington as well. If Xi Jinping supports Putin through sanctions evasion or military support, I suspect the United States and some in Europe will adopt a far more confrontational approach than they have to date.”

Russian TikTok influencers paid to spread Kremlin propaganda: An anonymous Telegram channel paid Russian TikTok influencers and directed them to spread pro-Kremlin narratives on the war in Ukraine, according to an investigation by VICE. Senior Fellow Bret Schafer told the Dispatch, “As the Kremlin adapts to a wartime information environment that has degraded its ability to message through overt channels, we should expect to see more of these kinds of efforts to launder Kremlin propaganda through gray and covert channels and influencers. It is also a reminder that Russian information operations need not and are not run through accounts and outlets that can be definitively attributed to the Russian state.”

New survey predicts future election official shortage: A Brennan Center for Justice survey showed that one in five local election officials are “very” or “somewhat unlikely” to continue serving in their positions through 2024, with officials citing increased harassment, attacks on the electoral system, and an overall lack of federal support. Elections Integrity Fellow David Levine said, “Threats and political pressure fueled by baseless allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election are continuing to contribute to an exodus of election officials. If more isn’t done to protect election officials from this unrelenting targeting, the conduct of future elections is likely to rely more on inexperienced officials and/or individuals seeking to cast doubt on the integrity of U.S. elections.”

In Case You Missed It 

  • YouTube blocked world-wide access to channels associated with Russian-state media, including RT and Sputnik, for violating its policy on content that spreads false narratives on current events.  
  • The new U.S. government funding bill will increase funding for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and require critical infrastructure operators to report cyber incidents within 72 hours and ransomware payments within 24 hours. 
  • Experts are calling on the U.S. government to publicize intelligence on potential Russian cyber and disinformation campaigns ahead of upcoming elections.  
  • The EU passed new sanctions that will ban the export of EU luxury goods to Russia, the import of certain iron and steel goods, and European investments across Russia’s energy sector.
  • Ukraine began using Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology to allow defense officials to identify Russian assailants, combat misinformation, and identify victims.
  • More than 10,000 ballots were not included in the final vote count in Harris County, Texas after an election worker failed to include the ballots in the unofficial count. 

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Quote of the Week

“Russia’s invasion threatens not just Ukraine’s democracy, it threatens democracy and security across Europe. And by extension, when democracy is threatened anywhere, it threatens us all.”

  • U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris said on March 12, 2022.
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