In recent years, the world’s attention has shifted toward the Indo-Pacific. As concerns over the rise of China and other regional challenges have intensified, the US and Japan have taken steps to strengthen their security cooperation and Europe has also become more engaged, begging the question of how the three sides might work together on security issues. What factors are driving Europe’s recent involvement in the Indo-Pacific? Does Europe have a role to play in the Biden Administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy, or would it be better for European countries to focus their efforts on security issues closer to home? Will a change of leadership in Japan affect its prospects for cooperation with the US and Europe? What are the most promising issue areas for trilateral cooperation and coordination, and what challenges lie ahead? In this episode, host Dr. Kristi Govella discusses these questions with Dr. Zack Cooper and Dr. Garima Mohan. Dr. Cooper is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Co-Director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy at GMF. Dr. Garima Mohan is a Fellow in GMF’s Asia Program.

GMF's "Out of Order"

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