The V4 countries are only a political decision away of improving their digital infrastructure; they should be more ambitious, Senior Fellow Kristine Berzina said in an interview with EURACTIV Czech Republic. 

The European countries are not united when it comes to the Nord Stream 2 project. Does this apply also to V4 group?

I am very concerned about the geopolitical and political baggage that comes with Nord Stream. The project has created distrust between European member states. And foreign adversaries, Russia in particular, have done a wonderful job of using that distrust and internal EU tension to their advantage. The very fact that the EU has said the member states’ opinions differ illustrates to the Russian public that this democratic, slightly “messy” form of government does not work.

Regarding the V4, there is a lack of coherence among countries as well. Also, their relations with Russia matters in the energy sense. There is Hungary and its desire to build a nuclear power plant with Russia. Then there is a mixed bag in the Czech Republic and then Poland’s staunch opposition to the Nord Stream 2 project and desire to build LNG facilities and continue transiting on existing pipelines. I think individual dynamics in relationships with Russia also affect it.

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