US sanctions Russian organizations and individuals for malign influence campaigns targeting Moldova

In October 2022, the US Treasury Department sanctioned multiple organizations and individuals for being part of Russia’s malign influence operations targeting Moldova. The sanctions froze assets and property interests of nine individuals and twelve entities. Sanctioned individuals included the Moldavian populist leader Ilan Shor, who, according to the Treasury Department, collaborated with Russia ahead of the 2021 Moldovan elections, aiming to control the parliament and support legislation favorable to Russia. Another sanctioned individual was Vladimir Plahotniuc, a former Moldovan member of parliament who directed law enforcement to investigate political opponents ahead of 2018 elections. A company called the National Engineering Corporation (NIK) was also sanctioned. Igor Yuryevich Chayka, a son of a member of Russia’s Security Council, invested millions of dollars to set up NIK, which seemingly operated as an engineering firm for Russian business technology projects.  

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Date: Oct 2022
Country: Moldova