Ukrainian oligarch funds British shell companies that donate to a handful of Conservative Party politicians.

Dmytro Firtash’s companies fund Scythian Ltd., a U.K.-registered corporate entity owned by his man in London, Robert Shetler-Jones. Scythian and Shetler-Jones have made donations to the Conservatives central office, Pauline Neville-Jones (payments that were reportedly presented by MI5 as evidence of why she should not be appointed National Security Advisor), and MP Robert Halfon. Richard Spring, a Conservative MP who is known as Lord Risby and chairs the Firtash-funded British Ukrainian Society, has accepted advisory fees from a Cyprus company called Spadi Trading Ltd., which is owned by a British Virgin Islands entity called Interbean Ltd., which in turn is controlled by Shetler-Jones. Firtash is acknowledged by the United States to have connections to Russian organized crime, as well as to the Russian government and the pro-Russian former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

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Threat Actors: Russia

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Date: 2008-present
Country: United Kingdom