Senior CCP member makes substantial donation to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation.
In November 2016, after a cash-for-access fundraiser for the Liberal party that was attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the head of the China Cultural Industry Organization in Canada and Senior CCP member, Zhang Bin, donated $1 million to various Canadian organizations. $750,000 of the donation funded scholarships for the University of Montreal Faculty of Law and grants for Canadian students to visit China. Another $200,000 went to the Trudeau Foundation, and the remaining $50,000 went to funding for a statue of Pierre Trudeau. The fundraiser was held at the private residence of a Chinese Canadian businessman, and hosted other Chinese businessman and political elites. Prime Minister Trudeau has denied all accusations of impropriety and stated that it was an effort to attract Chinese investment in Canada.

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Date: 11/22/2016
Country: Canada
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