Russian state media spreads disinformation about Czech accusation that Russia was behind 2014 explosion

Russian officials and state-funded media flooded the Czech information space with disinformation following the Czech government’s statement that Russian military intelligence operatives were behind the 2014 explosion of an ammunition depot which killed two Czech nationals. Russian diplomats accused the Czech Republic of lying and circulated alternative theories about the explosion, including that the Czech claim was meant to distract international attention from a U.S. plot to overthrow Alexander Lukashenko’s regime in Belarus, where domestic protests were pressuring Lukashenko to step down. Russian officials also questioned the motives behind the Czech accusation, arguing it might have been a political move designed to rally the public ahead of parliamentary elections in the country. In response to the incident, the Czech government expelled 81 diplomats from the Russian embassy in Prague.  

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Threat Actors: Russia

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Date: May 2021
Country: Czech Republic
Source: Source Source 2