Russian officials and state media use gas crisis to push Nord Stream 2 certification

In October 2021, European politicians blamed Russia for contributing to surging gas prices, while Russian officials and state media launched a messaging campaign to promote the early certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. With demand driving gas prices in Europe around 600 percent higher than the previous year, Russian government-backed messengers framed the EU as responsible and Nord Stream 2 as a means to regain stability in the gas market. Russian state-funded outlets amplified claims from President Vladimir Putin that the gas crisis was caused by the EU’s efforts to curb long-term contracts with Kremlin-controlled energy firms. Moscow-backed media also claimed the problem was caused by the EU’s transition to renewable energy. Kremlin-controlled energy company Gazprom delayed increasing gas exports through existing pipelines until early November.   

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Date: October 2021
Country: Brussels, Belgium