Russian-linked hackers spread disinformation about Poland deporting Ukrainian refugees

In June 2022, a hacking group tied to Russian interests pushed fabricated Ukrainian government correspondence that claimed Ukrainian refugees in Poland would be apprehended and sent back to Ukraine for military service, according to the cybersecurity firm Mandiant. The hacking and disinformation group, known as Ghostwriter, used two hacktivist personas to spread the message on Telegram. On June 16, one of the hacktivist groups, Beregini, posted a fake document from Ukrainian Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba that laid out plans to send male Ukrainian refugees to the frontline. On June 17, the hacktivist persona JokerDPR claimed on Telegram to have documents showing Kuleba asking Polish officials to help with deportations. That same day, a Polish politician’s dormant social media account posted images purporting to show official correspondence that laid out the deportation program. JokerDPR then used those posts to validate its earlier claims. Multiple Russian state media outlets reported the assertions as fact. The Polish government said that at least one of the letters being pushed by the hacktivists was fake. Warsaw also noted that the falsified letters were sent to an undisclosed number of emails.  

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Date: June 2022
Country: Poland
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