Russian hackers target organizations in Poland and Ukraine with ransomware

On October 14, 2022, Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Center assessed that a hacking group linked to Russia’s military intelligence agency conducted a ransomware attack on transportation and logistics companies in Ukraine and Poland. The attack, which was dubbed “Prestige” and targeted computer infrastructure in Poland, is perceived to be a retaliatory move against Ukraine’s logistics partners and an attempt to interfere with the flow of goods into Ukraine. Microsoft warned that this attack indicates an increased risk to organizations that directly supply or transport humanitarian or military assistance to Ukraine. The hacking group known as “Sandworm” was responsible for the ransomware attack. Microsoft tracks that group under the name “Seashell Blizzard”.  

About This Incident

Threat Actors: Russia

Incident Metadata

Date: Oct 2022
Country: Poland
Source: Source Source 2