Russian government-supported Latvian activist arrested as national security risk
According to Latvian public broadcasting network LSM, on April 20, 2018, Latvian authorities arrested pro-Russia radical Aleksandrs Gaponenko in connection to anti-Latvia criminal activities that Latvia’s Secret Police said made Gasponenko a national security risk. Bellingcat reported Gaponenko leads the unregistered organization, pro-Russia Non-Citizens’ Congress, whose “work is widespread amongst the small community of pro-Russia activists in the Baltics.” Mr. Gaponenko admitted to receiving money from the Russian government to Re:Baltica. In its 2016 annual report, Latvia’s Security Police accused Gaponenko of conducting an open disinformation campaign against Latvia. Previously, Latvian Security Police had arrested Gasponenko “for aiming to cause ‘national, ethnic or racial hatred’ in the country.”

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Date: 20-Apr-18
Country: Latvia