Russia-funded troll farm targeting Americans runs out of Africa as a non-profit front group
Eliminating Barriers for the Liberation of Africa (EBLA) is a small non-profit group renting a compound for near Accra, Ghana. It housed 16 Ghanaians pretending to be Americans stoking racial division on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The trolls were hired in the second half of 2019, and late in the year EBLA expanded to Nigeria. In January 2020, EBLA advertised a position in Charleston, South Carolina. Ghanaian security services determined that all of EBLA’s funding had secretly come from Russia. Facebook took down the accounts, which they determined were operating “on behalf of individuals in Russia … Although the people behind this activity attempted to conceal their purpose and coordination, our investigation found links to EBLA, an NGO in Ghana, and individuals associated with past activity by the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA).”  

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Date: 2019- present
Country: United States
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