Russia blames the West for food shortages in disinformation campaign

In May 2022, Russian officials and state media outlets amplified efforts to frame the United States, the European Union, and other Western allies for global food shortages caused by the war in Ukraine. Kremlin-linked social media accounts argued that Western sanctions and macroeconomic blunders sparked the food crisis, not Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian diplomats said that the West “artificially created” the food shortage as a “media stunt.” In June, the Foreign Ministry tweeted a link to an 11-page document, which purported to debunk eight myths pushed by the West about Russia’s role in triggering the food crisis. Moscow-affiliated messengers also blamed Ukraine for blocking food shipments by mining ports and claimed that Ukrainian soldiers had “torched 50,000 tons of grain.” Russia’s Ministry of Defense accused Kyiv of “food terrorism.” On July 22, Russia and Ukraine reached a deal to ensure the safe export of Ukrainian agricultural products, forcing Russia’s propaganda campaign around the issue to shift its focus.

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Country: Ukraine