New Chinese university campus in Budapest looks to leverage economic, political influence
On December 16, 2019, the Hungarian Minister for Innovation and Technology of Hungary and the rector of Fudan University signed an agreement in Shanghai to establish the first foreign Fudan campus in Budapest. The campus is slated to open in 2024 and the agreement raised concerns that Beijing’s economic leverage and political influence could harm academic freedom for future students at the institution. Comments from Levente Horváth, a top advisor to Hungary’s central bank and a vocal backer of the agreement, that Chinese faculty would train new professors, and that some Chinese professors serve as members of “state economy advisory boards,” suggest that the CCP’s ideology may be spread further into Hungary’s civil society discourse. Lastly, Horváth noted that Chinese companies might pursue research collaboration with the Fudan campus in Budapest, meaning the new campus will be a platform for increased ties between the Chinese and Hungarian economies.

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Date: December, 2019
Country: Hungary
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