LSE under scrutiny over proposed program financed by Huawei

Huawei and London School of Economic (LSE) are in talks to begin a three-year study into the technology company’s “leadership” in 5G development. The project, funded by Huawei’s £105,000 donation, is a proposed “three year consultancy” intended “to provide a comprehensive study on how Huawei has internally supported innovation and product development in the past 20 years,” according to internal documents obtained by OpenDemocracy. LSE’s ethics committee approved the project, despite concerns from academics over Huawei’s links to the Chinese state. Under PRC law, Huawei is obligated to participate in national intelligence work, has been credibly accused of cooperation with PRC intelligence agencies, and is owned ultimately by a trade union entity likely controlled by the CCP.

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Date: 2/1/2020
Country: United Kingdom
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