Kremlin operatives ordered a disinformation campaign in Republika Srpska on its 2014 election day

Ukraine-based hacking group CyberJunta published emails that expose efforts from known Kremlin false-flag operation planner Alena Sharoykina to order novelist and Russian operative living in Belarus Alexandr Usovsky to “leak” information about the visit between Kremlin officials and Republika Srpska Serbian seperatist candidate Milorad Dodik. According to Bellingcat, Sharoykina ordered Usovsky to leak to Polish sources the news that Konstantin Malofeyev, a Russian oligarch and Putin associate active in Russian interference measuers abroad, and Milorad Dodik met secretly, implying that the Malofeyev’s visit was to oversee the Russian Cossack troupe. He was to hypothesize that the Cossack dancers were actually Russian Special Forces (“Spetznaz”) present in RS to conduct a Crimea-like scenario in case Dodik lost the election.

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Threat Actors: Russia
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Date: October 2014
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
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