Kremlin interference in Georgia’s elections

Starting in March of 2019, the Kremlin began to use disinformation in tandem with conferences to name Turkey and Azerbaijan enemies of Georgia to direct tension away from the Kremlin. Speakers at a conference hosted by the Georgia-Russia Center suggested that the Georgian people needed to rethink “who is the real enemy of the country. Simultaneously, pro-Kremlin media including Sputnik, Saqinform, EADaily, and the Georgian opposition party, Alliance of Patriots, promoted this discourse emphasizing the threat countries like Turkey and Azerbaijan pose to Georgian security. In addition, the Kremlin’s information campaign presented Russia as “a good neighbor,” the governments in Abkhazia and South Ossetia as “bad regimes,” the common historical and religious ties between Orthodox majority nations, the weakness of “the West,” and how NATO will never admit Georgia into its ranks.

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Date: March 2019-August 2020
Country: Georgia
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