Home Credit, a Czech financial company with operations in China, founds pro-CCP think tank
Home Credit, a Czech investment firm with significant business interests in China, created a think tank to compete with another organization critical of the Chinese regime. The Institute for Contemporary China (Sinoksop) is financed by Home Credit, an asset of Czech-owned PPF Group, and was founded in 2019 to compete with Sinopsis, a Charles University project that has denounced PPF Group’s close relationship with Chinese authorities. PPF Group, through Home Credit, was given the first foreign license to provide domestic loans within China in 2014, and has since been accused of amassing favor with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Home Credit’s involvement with Sinoksop was detailed in work documents belonging to public relations firm C&B Reputation Management; the firm was hired by PPF Group to counteract critics of the CCP in Czech media. The Guardian writes that Home Credit’s actions “bear the hallmarks of a foreign influence campaign” by the Chinese state.

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Date: November 2019
Country: Czech Republic