Chinese Embassy in Stockholm threatens Swedish journalist

On April 9, 2021, the Chinese embassy in Stockholm sent Swedish journalist Jojje Olsson an email accusing him of “moral corruption” and threatening him to stop his critical coverage of the Chinese government or “face the consequences of your own actions.” The email also accused Olsson of “colluding with Taiwan separatists, fabricating fake news to smear China, making extreme anti-China comments, spreading disinformation to provoke anti-China sentiments and sabotaging China-Sweden friendship.” Olsson had previously received three increasingly strongly worded emails from the Chinese embassy. The Swedish foreign minister described the threat as “completely unacceptable” but stopped short of expelling the Chinese ambassador. The Swedish Foreign Ministry had already summoned the Chinese ambassador in January 2021 over perceived threatening statement addressed at Swedish media.

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Date: 9 April 2021
Country: Sweden