Canadian political parties ask that Canadian Election Commission investigate political donor with connections to the CCP over potential collusion with the Conservative party to circumvent donation caps
In November 2018, the NDP and Liberal parties formally requested the Canadian Federal Election Commission probe the relationship between the Conservative Party and 10 non-profit organizations set-up by a Toronto real-estate developer, Ted Jiancheng Zhou, who emigrated from China in 2013. Mr. Jiancheng set up Chinese-Canadian conservative groups in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario as well as created a national organization called the Federation of Chinese Canadian Conservatives. The probe will focus on collusion between the Conservative party and the Chinese Canadian organizations to circumvent donation caps in Canadian election law. According to a Globe and Mail article, Mr. Jiancheng has close ties to members of the CCP, and has been a prominent donor to the Liberal party in the past. The Conservative party has denied the allegations of collusion.

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Date: 3/12/2018
Country: Canada