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  • Press Enter to search at any time, searching an empty string or * will return all recent tweets 
  • Enclose any string with “” to search just that phrase
  • * is a wildcard. For example, elect* will return results that start with ‘elect’, such as elected, elector, and election.
  • + is an AND. ‘COVID19 + Vaccine’ will produce only results with both ‘COVID19’ and ‘Vaccine’ in them
  • | is an OR. ‘COVID19 | Vaccine’ will show results with either ‘COVID19’ or ‘Vaccine’ or both in them.
  • – is a NOT. ‘COVID19 -Vaccine’ will show results with ‘COVID19’  that do not also have ‘Vaccine’ in them.

Known Issues

  • The Retweet and Like #s for Quote Tweets are currently inaccurate and represent the # of likes/retweets of the quoted tweet

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Note: The number of results from the search may vary slightly from the Hamilton Dashboard due to a number of factors, including when data is ingested, how the search algorithm and filters are configured, and use of wildcards and booleans. External links may not work when either a tweet or an account has been removed.

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