With November 3rd just around the corner, Out of Order is continuing the elections theme this week with a conversation on voting in America—making sense of this patchwork system and how it’s all working in an unprecedented year. The host seat this week goes to David Levine, the Elections Integrity Fellow at GMF’s Alliance for Securing Democracy. Our guest this week is Tammy Patrick, a senior advisor to the Democracy Fund who served for more than a decade as an election official in Maricopa County, Arizona. Among other roles, Tammy was also selected by the Obama administration to serve as a Commissioner on the Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

This episode was taped on Thursday, October 22nd, the day after the Directors of National Intelligence and the FBI announced that they had found evidence of interference attempts by both Iran and Russia. David and Tammy discuss the implications of that news and what questions still remain for the security and resiliency of the U.S. democratic system, how voting is going so far as millions vote early and by mail, and what we can expect over the next week leading up to—and after—Election Day.


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