In 2020, the role of technology as a playing field in the geopolitical struggle between democracy and authoritarianism was magnified. While some governments like China seized control of their information environments; democracies were disadvantaged by floods of disinformation about the pandemic with little means to stop it. While there has been increasing interest from both the U.S. and Europe in aligning closer on some technology policy issues, competing visions for how tech should be governed have so far prevented a broad consensus on how to tackle complex issues like privacy and data protection, surveillance, antitrust, cybersecurity, freedom protections online, and more.

In the final episode of the year, Lindsay Gorman, the Emerging Technologies fellow at GMF’s Alliance for Securing Democracy talks with Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director at Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center and a former member of the European Parliament, about how (and why) tech has become a mediator of values and nation state power. What comes next in this high-stakes competition in the digital world and how will it play out in the physical world?

GMF's "Out of Order"

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