As the first wave of midterm primary elections approaches, it is becoming clear how elections will be conducted following the 2020 presidential election and the picture is not a pretty one in many jurisdictions. Many states, fueled by the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen, began by passing laws to unnecessarily limit voting rights. Apparently that was not enough, and a number have now enacted laws that could threaten the integrity of the vote count itself.

Voters naturally focus on the candidates’ views on issues such as the pandemic, taxes, inflation, immigration and similar policy matters. But it is at least as important that voters consider whether candidates support free and fair elections, a step that could prevent U.S. democracy from being at risk.

The integrity of elections is not a partisan issue; it’s a prerequisite to democracy. Republican as well as Democratic officials have defended the election process — note that all the positive examples given below involve Republican officeholders. That said, only one party has a dominant faction that has made support for “Stop the Steal” — a slogan that has nothing to do with stopping election theft and everything to do with achieving a particular outcome regardless of the will of the eligible voters who cast ballots — a litmus test for its support.

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