ASD’s Elections Integrity Fellow David Levine and the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Senior Technologist in Elections and Democracy William T. Adler argue that President Biden should establish a bipartisan presidential commission to identify issues that ail our elections, like those in New York’s 22nd Congressional district, and come up with solutions that are likely to garner broad support. Read their blueprint for a Presidential Commission on Election Resilience and Trust here

If you thought the disinformation campaign to undermine the 2020 presidential election was bad for democracy, imagine how much worse it would have been if there were significant problems with the voting process or errors in the tabulation — or even just a very close election. Fortunately, the national election went off without any major hitches, and American democracy dodged a bullet (for now). But we may not be so fortunate next time. President Biden should appoint a presidential commission to make recommendations to reduce the chances of something going wrong next time and to increase the resilience of our democracy.

To get a sense of how bad it could have been, consider New York’s 22nd congressional district, where administrative error has plunged that race into chaos.

New York Daily News

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