Elections Integrity Fellow David Levine and National Vote at Home Institute CEO Amber McReynolds argue that voting by mail is safe and secure, and Americans should feel confident about the process in an op-ed for The Fulcrum’s Election Dissection blog. 

Whether it’s the outlandish claim that expanded vote by mail will lead to massive fraud or that the mail-in voting process can be easily exploited by foreign adversaries, the White House has persistently spread dangerous myths about the integrity of our elections.

Foreign adversaries, such as Russia, China and Iran, are out to discredit our electoral process and undermine our democracy. Such rhetoric does the dirty work for them.

As former election directors who have worked for both Republicans and Democrats, we know how important it is to cut through the noise and reassure our electorate what we know to be true: Voting by mail is a secure and important voting option, particularly amid the pandemic.

The Fulcrum

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