Clint Watts, a former FBI special agent, a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a Non-Resident Fellow at the Alliance for Securing Democracy, and the author of Messing With The Enemy: Surviving in a Social Media World of Hackers, Terrorists, Russians and Fake News joined Tech Policy Press. His research and writing focuses on terrorism, counterterrorism, social media influence and Russian disinformation, and he has testified before multiple congressional committees regarding Russia’s information warfare campaign against the United States  and the West. 

They discuss, among other topics:

  • Four distinct target audiences for Kremlin disinformation campaigns about Ukraine; 
  • The informational groundwork being laid by Russia to prepare its own public and troops for mass casualties, and 
  • Social media companies’ decision to keep Kremlin propaganda outlets on their platforms (despite some efforts to demonetize those accounts).

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